Cedar Glen is located on the east shores and east of Lake Arrowhead.
The area was originally known as Camp Comfort. Lumberman John Suverkrup subdivided 56 lots at this location in 1916 and called the subdivision Cedar Glen. He advertised the lots, “facing beautiful Little Bear Lake” for sale for $150. Suverkrup, with his partner John Hook, built a huge saw mill in this area above Deep Creek. Suverkrup had been a major lumber cutter and operator here since the 1880’s. He also operated lumber company/hardware stores in Crestline and San Bernardino.

The Cedar Glen post office opened on February 28, 1939. Today the small community features a market, restaurant, hardware store, realty offices and a variety of small shops. The area suffered a major blow when a recent fire destroyed much of the residential community. However, a trip down Hook Creek Road will reveal that the community is well on its way back. A gift from the Los Angeles Turf Club to the Boy Scouts of America resulted in a major mountain outpost for the boys in this area.

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Hook Mill. This early mill was located in the Cedar Glen area along Hook Creek. The mill and the creek were named after John Hook who homesteaded 160 acres there in 1883. The mill opened in the spring of 1888. John Suverkrup later partnered with John Hook.

Cedar Glen Subdivision 1. Pictured here is the entrance to the original subdivision of Cedar Glen. John Suverkrup was the developer. It is not known if John sits behind the wheel of this old touring car.

Lakebrook Malt Shop. Depicted here is the Lakebrook Malt Shop in the 1940’s. Lakebrook was an early subdivision within the community of Cedar Glen. The malt shop is still there and still open. It now goes by the name of the Cedar Glen Malt Shop. And I hear the malts are really, really gooood….

The Sportsman. This photo shows the Sportsman restaurant in Cedar Glen. Harold Bain was the proprietor. The restaurant once displayed many of the ‘wild game’ that Harold brought back. The building has been unoccupied for many years.

The Sportsman In Winter. The Sportsman featured charcoal broiled steaks, and was advertised as Lake Arrowhead’s finest dinner house – located in Cedar Glen. Its heydays were the 1950’s although it opened there earlier and operated there later.

Sportsman Animals. Pictured here is one of the display cases that housed the many animals that Harold Bain brought back from his hunting trips on the North American Continent. Harold Bain owned the Sportsman and loved to hunt and fish.

Arrowhead Manor. This postcard image features the Arrowhead Manor Country Club located on Hook Creek Road in Cedar Glen. Only the far right of the Club House was ever constructed. The building burned to the ground in the Old Fire.

Crystal Springs Café. You may recognize the café as today’s Chef’s Inn and Tavern in Cedar Glen. Both interior decor and exterior architectural elements date back to the mid-1800’s including many museum quality artifacts from that period. For example, the Old West Bar on the lower level was salvaged from the Ormsby House Hotel in Carson City, Nevada when it was destroyed by fire in 1892. Much of the exterior came from the Nevada State Capital building built in the 1860’s.

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