The first community that you come to while traveling up State Highway 18 from San Bernardino is Crestline. Crestline was the name selected in a 1906 contest to name the area. Earlier names were Crest City, Pine Mont and Mormon Springs. The winning name was submitted by Dr. Wesley Thompson of San Bernardino.

At the intersection of State Highway 138 and Crest Forest Drive is where the ‘old town’ got its start. Herington’s Realty, located on the corner, was once the location of an early warehouse for the storing of concrete used in the construction of the dam at Little Bear Gorge. Across the street where the ‘Donut Den’ now stands was once the location of Weber’s Market. Relatives of theirs founded Weber’s Bread.

Crestline was once dubbed the ‘Swingingest Town in America’. Seven bars were once located within a block of the intersection of State Highway 138 and Crest Forest Dr. Gambling, drinking and prostitution abounded. The early 1960’s brought an end to all of this with the shooting death of ‘Ace’ Bertolo in May of 1962 across from his automotive service, Ace and Walt’s Garage (now the location of Davis Auto Body and Paint).

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First Crestline Post Office. This building was located at the intersection of State Highway 138 and Crest Forest Drive. It was the location of the first Crestline post office, established in 1919. Earlier post offices in the area were ‘Incline’ and ‘Skyland Heights’.

Girls Posing On Heart Rock. Heart Rock is located in Seely Creek near Camp Seely. Camp Seely is a mountain camp owned by the city of Los Angeles. The name was derived from the Mormon Seely brothers who established an early saw mill at this location in the 1850’s.

Valley of Enchantment Postcard. Depicted here in this postcard image are early views of the area known today as Valley of Enchantment or VOE. VOE was established in the 1920’s and then known as ‘Rim of the World Park’. The main street through town is Waters Drive, named for an early settler by the name of Bryon Waters.

Weber’s Store. Shown here is Weber’s Store once located on Crest Forest Drive where the Donut Den now stands. The store was built in the early 1920’s. Relatives of the Weber’s founded the Weber’s Bread Company in Los Angeles.

Arrowhead Valley Club Postcard. This postcard image depicts the Arrowhead Valley Club located in the Valley of the Moon just east of Lake Gregory. The club had it’s beginnings in the 1920’s. A small lake was created there called Moonlake. In the late 1930’s the clubhouse and land was sold. The clubhouse was renovated, becoming the original clubhouse for the ‘Club San Moritz’.

Cedarpines Park Entrance. Depicted here is the early entrance to the small development of Cedarpines Park. The community had its beginnings in the 1920’s when tracts were subdivided and lots were sold. The Community boasted a post office, golf course, country club and restaurant.

Cedarpines Post Office Snowed In. The post office was established in Cedarpines Park in 1927. The building, originally known as Joe’s Place, later became famous as the Hayloft. It featured a bar, restaurant, store, gas station and post office. The ‘Hayloft’ was once the local ‘hangout’. It now stands as a remembrance of days gone by. It is now a private residence.

Arrowhead Highlands Garage. This image of the Arrowhead Highlands Garage was taken in 1930. The ‘garage’ was located where the Cliffhanger Restaurant now stands on State Highway 18 in Arrowhead Highlands. The Cliffhanger Restaurant was featured in the 2007 film starring Nicolas Cage titled ‘Next’.

Lake Gregory Being Built. Depicted here is an early view of the construction at Lake Gregory. Construction began in the mid 1930’s and was a WPA project. Major funding and land was donated by Arthur Gregory – a wealthy businessman from Redlands. The lake was filled in just three days during the heaviest winter downpour in recorded history in 1938.

Temple of Christ Mozumdar. Shown here is the ‘Temple of Christ’ at Mozumdar in Cedarpines Park. The temple was constructed in the late 1930’s by Prince Mozumdar an immigrant from India. He established his church here and also built the ‘Pillars of Christ’ which are still standing. Upon his death the YMCA acquired the property. The property is currently for sale.

Goodwin’s Market. This is the second of the three Goodwin’s Markets. The first was located on Lake Drive where Ace Hardware is now located. This is the building where Goodwin’s Oak Trunk is located. Their third, and current location, is at the intersection of Lake Drive and Lake Gregory Drive.

Statue Of Mary. Shown here is the statue of Mary located at Saint Francis Xavier Cabrini Church on Crest Forest Drive. The statue was sculpted by local artist Lawrence (Larry) Noble. It is unique in that it depicts the Virgin Mary pregnant, off her pedestal and walking in the garden. These three depictions had never been done before.

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