Twin Peaks was earlier known as Strawberry Flat – named for the strawberrys that were grown there.

When, in 1916, it applied for a post office to be named Strawberry, the request was denied. The name Twin Peaks was taken as the second choice, named for the two peaks that you can see from the valley below – Strawberry Peak and Little Strawberry Peak.

The community is located on State Highway 189 between Arrowhead Highlands and Blue Jay. Early residents of the area were the Dexters and the Switzers. Both have left their mark on the community. The Dexters built a resort, operated a saw mill and constructed many of the early cabins that were once located there. Bert Switzer was an early forest ranger who lived there and with his wife Sara they operated a store and managed a number of rental cabins. Sara was also an early postmistress for the Twin Peaks post office.

The resort of Pinecrest is located in Twin Peaks on State Highway 189. Pinecrest was one of the early resorts in our mountain area. It opened in 1906 and soon became the largest mountain resort in the area. Founded by Dr. John Baylis, it was later managed by his son. It is now the property of the Assembly of God church and is open to church groups and others. A few of the original structures are still in use today.

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Pinecrest Postcard. Depicted here are three views of Pinecrest located on State Highway 189. Dr, John Baylis, while relaxing at the Squirrel Inn, heard that 160 acres of adjacent land was to be sold to lumbering interests. Not wanting this to happen, he purchased the property in 1904. The Pinecrest Resort was soon erected at this location.

Entrances At Pinecrest. Depicted here are the two entrances to Pinecrest that were originally located on State Highway 189. The rock entrance in the foreground was to South Park. South Park was destroyed in the 1911 forest fire. The Boy Scouts have recently restored this entrance. The other entrance of timber, to Pinecrest today, has long since disappeared.

The Rookery At Pinecrest. This is a three-story hotel called “The Rookery” once located at Pinecrest. The hotel was completed in 1917 and offered guests a breathtaking view of the valley below. The building is no longer there.

Guernsey Logging. Pictured here is the tractor and logging trailer of Henry Guernsey. The picture was taken near Pinecrest and their apple orchard is visible in the background. Pinecrest is located on State Highway 189 between Twin Peaks and Lake Gregory Drive.

Year O Round Store. The Year-O-Round Store was built by Gregory Dexter in the mid 1920's. At that time, there were two other stores in the area, but they were open only in the summer. The Dexters realized the need for a store that would be open the year around. Once permission was obtained to open another store - from the leasees on the tract and Government officials - the store was constructed and named the "Year-O-Round Store". It was located on the north side of state highway 189. The store burned down in 1947.

Antlers Twin Peaks. Originally the Alpine Terrace Resort, the name was changed in 1968 to the Antlers Inn. In 1923 Greg Dexter bought ten lots in a new subdivision called “Alpine Glen Park”. He quickly completed the first three cabins and had them rented just as quickly. To promote the subdivision, Greg built a 30x60 foot dance floor at a location near the highway. During this time more cabins were built. (continued below)

Antlers In Winter. Next Greg and Julia, Greg’s wife, decided to build a lodge on the dance floor. The 30x60 foot structure was expanded to include a huge rock fireplace and restrooms. A balcony, living quarters, kitchen, dining room and service room were added. In 1926 the Dexter’s moved into the lodge. Greg continued to build cabins until there were 18.

Switzer’s Store. Switzer’s Store and Resort was located on State Highway 189 where the Arrowhead Pine Rose Cabins are now. The large pine tree at the left is now a carved bear retreat. In 1919 Bert and Sara Switzer purchased the Twin Peaks Store near the Strawberry Flat campground. Bert Switzer was well known as a US Forest Ranger from 1901 until he retired in 1927.

Switzer’s Store Through Town. This view shows the old road, looking west, through the heart of Twin Peaks. Switzer’s Store and the Year O Round Store are both visible. Note the many wonderful old signs.

Alpine Fire House. Depicted here is the old fire station in Twin Peaks. The fire station dates to the 1930’s. The county recently offered the building for sale and our historical society considered its purchase for a museum. The building was sold and has recently been the location of a rock sculptor. The building is again for sale.

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